The Dawn of Magic

During the reign of Queen Morgana the whole of Camalot is in turmoil what is going to happen in the dawn of magic....
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 Jasmeens Death

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PostSubject: Jasmeens Death   Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:18 am

jassmieen sat cross leged on the floor drees scatered over her lap whilst she sat silently tring to sew a hole up in the under coat of morgarans dress her hair tumbled down her sholders creating a cuirten between her and the bed hiding the tears that trikled down her pale cheek.after crying for what seemed like an eternity jassmeen finioly dryed her eyes one last time and stood up sendin the needals, pins and scraps of material flying.

she looked a state her once beutifull eyes were swollen and had turned a deep scarlet. she tentifully took a step forward when a sering pin intruded her boddey flooding it with thosands of mesages of pain hurt confution and more pain. she stubled before colepsing. as she tried to retrive the neadle wich had jabed in her food a few dorps of deep crimson blood pooled onto the floor the pain was emense abliterating al thorghts untill her eys fell apon the locket. her hands grasped it instinctivly. soon all her thorght were overtaken by the deep mystery the locket held. all to soon Jasmeen fell into a deep sleep. the locket tummbled across the floor before coming to rest with a soft chime.

all was qiet. suddenly the locket sprang open revilling a ravalling flood of light and magic. the room semed somehow darker all the secrets were magnifyed and the brezze flowed around the sleeping girl not changing her but enchanting her untill her dress flowed by itself but her boddy was still. her breathing stopped and her heart plunged. the last wisp of the breeze wich had once imersed her now depareed leaving nothing but an empty shell. the locket snaped shut protecting its dark secrets once more ...
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Jasmeens Death
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