The Dawn of Magic

During the reign of Queen Morgana the whole of Camalot is in turmoil what is going to happen in the dawn of magic....
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 Arthur's Room

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PostSubject: Re: Arthur's Room   Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:04 pm

in the echoing corridor out side jack waited impaitently hoping that today would be the day he was freed from his musy wooden cubbord that he was fored to call home all tho it was little more than a means of prison. capter. his breth was lumbered and the gag that hung titley accros jacks young mouth muffled all attempts at screaming. jack stamped his feet the only things that werent bound in harsh rope hoping, praying that today would be the day he was freeded because he didnt know if his now feeble body was starting to give up triying and jack knew one more day would probly be all he had left.
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Arthur's Room
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